I am proud to say that I put this band together and it’s one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I've ever done.

I've been in a few bands over the years but have always found it really difficult to find people who are committed, like the same music, are great musicians and crucially who all get on together. I had just about given up the idea of finding my ideal band. As a last shot, I put an advert in various music shops. This is basically how "Band Substance" began and although it sounds corny, I believe it was fate that brought us all together! I now regard Simon, Jerome and Phil (plus their other halves and our excellent roadies Guesty and Ginger Phil) as my extended family!

We certainly love gigging together and I think anyone who has seen us play would agree that this comes across very clearly. We seem to be very popular wherever we play and it really makes it all worthwhile when we see people coming to see us time after time some of whom travel fair distances to be there. We've made many many great friends along the way and it's always a great pleasure to play to them.

As for me personally, I learnt to play the guitar at school and then eventually took up the drums when I was 14. I played guitar in my first band and then drums in another. However, I eventually took up the bass about 6 years ago and I just love playing it in the band!.More recently and inspired by Simon's enthusiasm for learning guitar I've started playing guitar again myself and am even doing a few tunes at gigs.

Everyone in the band knows I change my guitars on a regular basis and I've even been accused of being an addict. That's grossly unfair (not) but for those musos out there, the only basses I ever play are Fender USA Precision Basses - they're just the best and I've got 3 of 'em! I also now own two Fender Telecasters which I play when not playing the bass.

Anyway, "Bandsubstance" is just the best band I've been in by a country mile and everyone in it is just amazing! Long may it continue. Oh, and I am Ginger, not Strawberry Blonde!

Finally a big thank you to everyone who supports us......it's so appreciated.

Mark Brewer
Rock Band
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